How to Process a Payment with TraxeroGO

Before you start

  • This guide is specifically for customers using TraxeroGo and integrated with TowPay as their payment processor. 

  • Contact our Sales Team at to learn more about our fully integrated payment solutions TowPay. TowPay is currently supported with Distaptch Anywhere, TOPs, and TraxeroGO.  

Processing a Payment

  1. Login to your TraxeroGo App

  2. While in the job details, hit “Take Payment” at the bottom of the screen.



  1. Add the payment amount then click 'Checkout'

4. On the next screen, you have the option to add your Stripe MR Reader and swipe/insert/tap the card or manually enter the credit card details. 



5. If you do not have a Stripe M2 Reader, manually enter the credit card

  1. To order a mobile reader, contact us at 

6. You’re all set!




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