How To Enable Auto-Accept in TraxeroGO

This article will show you how to enable auto-accept for TraxeroGO

What is auto-accept?

The ability to have TraxeroGO auto-accept all calls distributed without user intervention.

  • Please note: With Auto-Accept enabled, the system will accept every call sent in and does not take into account calls that are currently en route or in the queue.

1.  Start by logging into your account at the TraxeroGO Settings page.

*Only the account owner/administrator can access this page.

2. Select Profile on the left hand side. 

3.  Check the Enable Auto-Accept box then choose which auto-accept setting will work best for your company's needs. 

*Customers also have the option to override company settings and create unique Auto-accept profiles for each contractor ID.

4. Select Contractor Accounts on the left hand side, then press the edit button next to the desired account.

 5. Select Override company settings then choose the Auto-accept settings you wish to use. 

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